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Our solution enables asset and wealth managers to easily tailor innovative investment products based on traditional and digital assets.


Portfolio may consist entirely of traditional or crypto assets, or a blend of the two.

Tailor-made Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) and tokens with the same vehicle.

Easy setup allows you to go live in just four weeks 

Swiss ISIN

Market under your
own brand and through your distribution channels.

A comprehensive solution for all needs

With CRYSP, it is now possible to issue both traditional Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) and tokens from within the same vehicle. This enables cost-saving capital raising by targeting traditional investors and digital asset investors simultaneously.


InCore Bank's Plattform for AMC's, CLN's, Trackers and more 

With CRYSP, banks and asset managers:

  • implement customized strategies for bankable or non-bankable assets (digital/traditional/blended)
  • issue both traditional AMCs and tokens from within the same vehicle
  • offer financial products under your own name/brand (white-label approach)
  • actively manage investment strategies, unlimited rebalancing
  • benefit from an easy set-up and comfortable maintenance


This is how it works

Onboarding / Structuring

Based on your ideas, implement your strategy and offer innovative investment products in a bankable form effortlesly.

Rather of being collective investment schemes, AMCs are debt instruments promising to pay the performance of a predefined underlying value at the investor's request. Therefore, each AMC has an underlying asset with a separate ISIN linked to it.


Create your structured products without the burden of all the technical and regulatory requirements.

InCore Bank can offer you: 

  • Platform management
  • Paying agent function
  • Custody
  • Brokerage

We work with renowned partners, including GENTWO Digital, Fireblocks and others.

What InCore Bank stands for

Optimizing your costs
Efficient and cost-effective solutions

Short, personal communication and decision-making channels and economies of scale and high cost transparency

By collaborating with InCore Bank, you benefit from extensive experience and knowledge across the entire spectrum.

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